One of the reasons I want to start a blog is because my son has one. I must say I’m jealous of how he can write so well at such a young age. When I mentioned I might also start a blog, he told me I needed to brush up on my writing skills and quit reading third grade level books such as Fifty Shades of Grey (we will deal with this book later lol). But my son at 14 thinks he knows it all. He forgot the fact that I am 30 years older than him. Everything that he’s just starting to experience, I’ve already been there and done that! Of course I’ve read the books he considers worth reading. Classics from great American authors mostly.  But now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, and with all the stress that comes with it, I just want light reading books (if I even have the time). But mainly the reason I want to write a blog is because unbeknownst to many, including my son, I lived a pretty fun life. I want to let anyone who might come across this blog know that a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs also had an exciting life…once! 😜

So here let me introduce my life to you……

Right after college in my early twenties, I applied as a flight attendant. I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. But I didn’t want to have a career in Business (go figure) and instead I wanted to travel the world.  I was  fortunate enough to land a job with one of the major airlines.

After being offered the job, I flew to Atlanta for my five-week training. I met all sorts of women from all over the states (mostly from the south).  To be honest, I’ve never been to any of the southern cities in the U.S. and it was a bit of a culture shock. Los Angeles is totally different from Atlanta. First of all, I wasn’t used to the  Southern accent. I’ve never really heard anyone speak with a very thick southern accent. The accents I’ve known were mostly Asian, Middle Eastern, or Mexican.  I also noticed that the southern girls were feminine and they had an impeccable style (at least to me). If I could’ve worn jeans and sweats during our training, I probably would have. Of course back then, sweats were not as trendy (thanks to Juicy Couture, it became a trend) and jeans were not at all considered a designer wear (thanks to Seven for All Mankind, Hudson, etc. they are now!). I seemed to have adapted then to the laid back style of Southern California (and of course it may have changed now that I haven’t lived there since I left in 1995). Well, all that was about to change.

During the training, I had to go back to LA to acquire my American citizenship.  I remember dressed totally different from my usual attire. My aunt had even noticed it. My boyfriend then (who is now my husband) had even said I looked different. I wasn’t sure if I liked it but I knew then that life for me would change—not only in my clothing—but everything in life!