Having lived in cities where Southeast Asian culture is more prevalent than it is here in Dallas, we were ecstatic to find out that The Buddhist Center of Dallas (Watdallas) was going to open its temple to the public for the first time this weekened. The Thai Community Center of North Texas celebrated its first Thai Culture and Food Festival  in Dallas. It is a two day festival (today and tomorrow- May 24-25) filled with authentic Thai cuisines, cultural performances and Muay Thai boxing. I was excited to show the boys a bit of Thai culture (besides going to Thai restaurants)- something they have not experienced yet.


When Keith and I lived in Los Angeles, we often visited the Thai temple on weekends (it was open to the public everyday). They often had Thai BBQ or Thai language lessons going at the temple. Even though that this was the first time the Buddhist temple opened to the public in Dallas, they did an amazing job. There were many food stalls to choose from and the prices were incredibly inexpensive (eggrolls were 2 for $1; a plate of Pad Thai noodles for $6; Pork BBQ on a stick for only $1 each; Thai iced tea for $2). The cultural performances included dancing and singing that was so vibrant and colorful. The Thai boxing was entertaining especially seeing a woman beat the men she competed against.


I hope this isn’t going to be the first and the last of this festival. I yearn for more Southeast Asian cultural events here in Texas. Ten years ago, there was a Filipino Independence Day celebration at a park somewhere in the Metroplex, with a ton of food stalls and a variety of performances but this type of event has never been repeated (as far as I know). I long for those days in Los Angeles or New York where cultural activities are common year round.




Buddhist Center of Dallas

8484 Stults Rd

Dallas, TX 75243