I reserved a 10 am breakfast for me and the two boys at Laduree in Soho. Upon entering, we were greeted by a beautiful, thin, and tall young lady (whose features are more of a fashion model than a hostess). “This way madam”, she said with a thick French accent , as she lead us inside to our table.



The two boys were silent as they enter, noticing this is different from our usual breakfast haunts. As they sat, they focused on the china and how elegant everything was presented. We looked at the menu and Joshua whispered to me, “It’s expensive!” I smiled and told him he shouldn’t expect anything less. We love macarons and always make a point to visit Laduree whenever we come to NYC. But this is our first time to dine here. Their SoHo location (that includes a tea salon) just opened up in February. Their Madison Avenue location only has the boutique.



Our server came, again someone who speaks with a French accent (I don’t think you are allowed to work here unless you are French or have a French accent). She was not very friendly, and looked at us impatiently while she waited for us to decide what to get. I chose the basket of bread with hot tea and orange juice . When it was Joshua’s turn, he didn’t know what to get so he asked if my order was shareable. “No! No one is allowed to share here!” our server arrogantly said. Because he felt rushed, he ordered the same—a basket of bread with hot chocolate and juice. Jude ordered the French toast with hot chocolate.



The basket came with 6 pieces of pastries—croissants, chocolate croissant, and another type of pastry. We didn’t get our own basket, so Joshua and I jokingly said to each other, “You said we can’t share so why did we only get one basket?”, mimicking our grumpy server’s French accent. The hot chocolate was the typical thick French chocolate that reminded me of the hot chocolate we had at Angelina’s in Paris.



We noticed the ladies behind our table had ordered lunch items. I asked the other French waitress who was taking our dirty plates away if it was okay to order lunch during the breakfast hours. She informed me that on weekends, you can order anything in the menu. If only our own waitress wasn’t so rude and impatient, I could’ve ordered lunch instead of the fatty carb I had just eaten. Well, but in fairness, the croissants were quite good. Exactly like what you would get in Paris.

Joshua ordered macarons after breakfast (yeah, we felt we needed more sugar and carb!). $80 later, I felt I’ve had enough of this “frou frou breakfast”.



Oh but wait….this is Laduree after all! And in spite of that ridiculous amount I paid for pastries, I probably would—most likely… well, definitely go back again! 😜