If I had a travel bucket list in my twenties, I’d be proud to say I have already accomplished most of them by now. After graduating from college, I knew I was put in this world to travel. I thought then that was the only purpose of my life, believing that this fascinating world was my playground. In spite of finishing with a Business Administration major, I applied as a flight attendant for one of the US major airlines. I was fortunate to be chosen after only the first interview. Less than a year on the job, I applied for a leave of absence and took my mom with me to Europe.

Although I have been to over 30 countries (not exactly sure of the number), I still feel that I have not done enough. There are still so many places I need to see. I have made up a future travel list and I hope to achieve them someday. I can only hope and dream! πŸ˜„

What’s in my bucket list? 

(Not in order of preference)

*I want to trek Machu Picchu in Peru!

My husband laughed at me when I mentioned my desire to see Machu Picchu. He didn’t think I could do it because I was never the type (then) who liked hiking and camping. “You just don’t roll over your comfy bed at the Hyatt and think you will reach Machu Picchu in an hour,” he told me.  I felt challenged and determined to prove him wrong. Fortunately, with my due diligence I found out that you don’t need to do any camping if you do the two-day-trek tours. And the best part is there are many luxury hotels to choose from in Aguas Calientes, the town where  you would be spending the night!

Machu Picchu (Peru)

*I want to go to Tibet. 

I’m not sure what my fascination is with Tibet (especially that China is still holding it “captive”). Perhaps I want to see where the Dalai Lama lived. Perhaps I want to be inβ€”what the Buddhists refer toβ€”a holy city. Perhaps the people and their culture fascinate me. Perhaps it’s the idea that not many tourists have been there. Whatever it is, Tibet has piqued my curiosity. But because travelling there is quite difficult (especially health-wise), this list is definitely going to be a challenge for me.


*I love anything that has to do with being Arabic and honestly think I was some kind of middle eastern or Arabian in my past life)!

 ~I want to go to Dubai and see Burj Al Arab -the only seven star hotel in the world! 


~I want to go to Morocco and shop at  the souks


~I want to go to Turkey so that I could say I was in two continents just by visiting one country (lOL)!


~I want to see the Pyramids in Egypt


~I want to see the ancient city of Petra in Jordan

-I want to visit Iran!

Yes Iran! Because why not? Just because United States is not friendly with Iran doesn’t mean I can’t see this magnificent country. I’ve read so many blogs on Iran, how friendly the people are, and how beautiful the country is so definitely this is going to be in my travel bucket list!

But heck,  anywhere I can ride a camel because that alone would fulfill my “Middle Eastern” fantasy, perhaps channeling the Lawrence of Arabia fantasy πŸ™‚


*I want to explore Angkor Wat

Back in college, two of my closest friends were Cambodians, Richer and Sithea. They often talked about how beautiful their country was. Unfortunately, Cambodia wasn’t very accessible to tourists during that time. 

And add Vietnam to this one!

angkor wat

*I want to learn how to dance the Tango in Argentina! βœ…

 I’m not much of a dancer but if I can do even a few steps, then hey I can cross that off my bucket list.

tango in argentina

*I want to dine at 58 Tour Eiffel- the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower! βœ…

I’ve been to Paris four times and not once did I even try to climb up the Eiffel Tower. And I am not sure why it never crossed my mind to dine there either. I really do not know why and it’s still a mystery to me what was going through my little brains  in the four times I visited Paris. Beats me….


* I want to see the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas


*I want to have afternoon tea at the Ritz or Harrods in London βœ…

When I went to London a few years back with my mom and her sister, I asked them if they want to join me for an afternoon tea at Harrod’s. They both declined because they found the price a little too steep (I can’t remember if it was US $50 or Β£50). I ended up not going because I didn’t want to do it alone. I now regret that decision!

afternoon tea Ritz

*I want to float in the Dead Sea

I wish I had done this when I went to Israel but I was limited in time and money way back then. Definitely something to look forward to…


*I want to visit Cuba  

Why Cuba? Because Cuba is one of the most interesting places in the world. The culture is colorful, the people are vibrant, and in spite of the country being “poor”, it boasts a 100% literacy rate. The healthcare is also very good, one of the best in the world (something we Americans have yet to learn from). Because of the so many restrictions imposed by the US government,  it makes me want to visit it badly.  And I will!


*Trek the Everest Region in Nepal

My ultimate bucket list is to trek the Everest region in Nepal. There’s something about Mt. Everest that gives me all the feels but unfortunately I won’t be able to climb it….not in this lifetime anyway!

*want to go to Patagonia βœ…

Because, seriously, not too many I know have been to Patagonia! Who doesn’t want to see the breathtaking views, or to experience 4 seasons in one day? It’s crazy how Patagonia isn’t in everyone’s bucket lists!

* I want to walk the Camino de Santiago

I want to definitely spend six weeks or more doing this. What better way to get there but by on foot? And of course the wines I’d consume each night πŸ˜„

**I have many more that I can think of but I probably should stop here…for now. Besides I only have this lifetime to achieve these goals! My life comes with many responsibilities and time is a big factor. If I can accomplish even just half in this list, I will be happy.