I was feeling so down this morning. My Facebook newsfeed has posts filled with angst over the Ebola crisis, each with a different theory of their own. I can feel so much anger from everyone —arguments in different threads over who should be blamed for the spread of the disease. Lately, living in Dallas has been emotionally draining. I decided I am no longer allowing Ebola to be the center of my universe. It’s not healthy. I need peace of mind. I prayed for serenity. Then I wrote this as my Facebook status:

Things to do for the rest of the day that’s good for my health:
1) do not watch the news
2) do not read or watch posts that contain Ebola
3) do not talk to anyone about Ebola
4) do not text anyone about Ebola
5) do not participate and make comments in Facebook about Ebola even if you want to
6) go to the gym and stay away from tv monitors


I did not go to the gym. Instead I packed my iPad mini, my iPhone, and my newly purchased notebooks and drove to the bookstore.

I bought a cup of tea and found a table in the corner. I brought my notebooks out.




I love notebooks but I rarely use them. I like the notebooks to remain clean and untouched. Funny thing is Joshua has also inherited this strange habit from me.



What’s special about these notebooks is the content. Every few pages has illustrations and quotes. I am a sucker for inspirational quotes.



I spent a few hours at the bookstore and did not notice the time. I have already forgotten the sadness I experienced earlier. It’s amazing that something so ordinary like a notebook can bring so much pleasure. Sometimes we all need to realize that life does not have to be complicated and happiness can come from simple things.