On the day we planned to go to the island of Capri, the weather conditions weren’t as favorable. The clouds were visibly darker and could potentially rain. At the ticket booth in Sorrento, Keith had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride but he was assured there was nothing to worry about. We boarded the hydrofoil boat, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best.


inside the hydrofoil boat

The man at the ticket booth lied. Although it didn’t rain, the waves were relentless. Our boat was not a large one and it felt like we were inside a cradle being rocked back and forth. We started to feel queasy. Jude at first enjoyed the constant rocking motion but it didn’t take long before he got sick. He threw up all over his seat and on his clothes. As soon as we arrived at the Marina Grande, we had to buy him one of those touristy Capri shirts and a pair of shorts.


We sat by the Marina for an hour or so, still feeling nauseous from that miserable boat ride. We were contemplating if we should head back to Sorrento but since we were already there, we relinquished that idea. We bought tickets to ride the funicular railway heading to Piazzetta, the main center of Capri.

The funicular railway is one of the three ways you could reach the Piazzetta



Because we weren’t able to do everything as planned in Capri, we returned on another day. On the second time, we took the open roof taxi, the other option to get to the Piazzetta from the Marina Grande. The bus is also a third option.

open roof taxis in Capri
open roof taxis in Capri

Piazza Umberto is the most famous square in the island of Capri. It is also known to be the most fashionable island in the world.





A stroll through the Piazzetta and then down to the Augustus Gardens is the best way to spend the day in Capri. The Augustus Gardens has a spectacular views of Marina Piccola Bay and the Faraglioni rock formations.







On our second trip to Capri, we took a bus ride to Anacapri. The ride to Anacapri was quite terrifying as the buses do tend to go very close to the edge of the cliff. Although it had stunning views along the way, I had to keep my eyes shut for the most part. There were times I imagined the bus would fall off the cliff. My fear of heights was getting the best of me. But you can’t blame me for imagining the worst—the road was so narrow and was hardly wide enough for one vehicle. The bus had to stop for any incoming traffic to let the other vehicle pass.

Seggiovia is the Italian word for chairlift

In Anacapri, we planned to take the chair lift to the summit of Monte Solaro, the highest point in the island. But after learning only one person can ride on the chair, I was once again terrified to go due to fear of heights. The chair also didn’t have a security latch and the thought of me falling heightened my fear. Joshua also felt the same way and opted to stay behind with me. Keith took Jude on his lap (since he was so tiny) and went ahead with the ride.


Keith said the whole ride wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated but there were some moments where they were pretty high up from the ground. There was no way I could’ve done it because I probably would have fainted anyway. Up to this day, I’m still not sure if I regret not going but I know I had missed a once in a lifetime adventure.

on the summit of Monte Solaro


Back in the Marina Grande from Anacapri, it was time for us to do the tour to the Grotta Azzurra (our tickets to the Blue Grotto had a schedule).The boat tour consisted of a tour around the island of Capri with a stop at the Blue Grotto.





The Blue Grotto is the most famous sight in Capri. A tiny entrance (only less than a meter high) to the cave, each passenger was required to lay back on the wooden boat and glide through the cave mouth.


inside the Blue Grotto


 My experience in Capr was still an adventure of a lifetime albeit my fears. I know I need to overcome my fear of heights. For the sake of my love for travel, who knows someday I may just say, ‘screw it! I’m doing this!’