Tokyo was dethroned by Singapore as the world’s most expensive city in 2014. But don’t assume Tokyo has gotten cheaper. According to a CNN Money report, a loaf of bread costs about $9.06 and a high-end three-course dinner with wine can cost you $1,266.30. We lived in Tokyo for 6 years and the prices were definitely a culture shock at first. I remember going to a grocery store and would come home empty handed because I found everything too expensive. My husband told me that we still needed to eat and regardless of the high prices, I had no choice but to buy groceries. Eventually I got used to it and paying $5 for one piece of apple had become customary.

If you are on a vacation in Tokyo, it is still possible to eat out without breaking the bank. In spite of it being one of the most expensive cities, there are still lower-to-middle end eateries. Welcome to Uogashi Nihon-ichi Standing Sushi Bar.

standing sushi
100 Yen in today’s rate is 85 cents (U.S.)

My bestfriend Kaori introduced us to Uogashi Nihon-ichi Standing Sushi Bar. Kaori, like every Japanese I know, only expect the best quality from their food. But good quality doesn’t mean exorbitant prices. This sushi bar is true to its name–you are actually standing while you eat. This no frills concept, however, does not compromise the quality of their sushi. According to their website, Uogashi Nihon-ichi headquarter is located inside Tsukiji Market (the most famous fish market in Japan), where they can keep their eyes out for the highest quality fish and seafood.


standing sushi5

Since everything was kept simple, the prices were priced low–almost too good to be true. Josh and I stuffed ourselves with all the amazingly delicious sushi and only paid about 1200 yen (that’s only a little over $10!). Even if you compare it with the cheapest hole-in-a-wall sushi bars in the States, those prices- paired with the quality of the fish- can’t be beat. Also keep in mind that  restaurants in Japan offer free green tea, whether you are at a sushi bar or a noodle house. That alone will save you money when eating out.

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