It was ten months ago when I booked my flight to Kathmandu. And I have five months left before my anticipated departure! I was asked what I’ve done lately to prepare myself for this trip. I can’t say it’s been smooth sailing for the past few months. In fact, there were many moments of doubt if this trip will even come about. But no matter the circumstances, I still held on to the dream (and my ticket ☺️) of trekking the Everest region. 

There were days when I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to go. I would go for long walks and cry my heart out. I felt something in the universe is constantly trying to hinder me from being happy, from being fulfilled. But I decided I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way. I am still going. I AM GOING!!! 

Training for the trek hasn’t been continuous as I had desired. But I am still months away to ‘perfecting’ it. I do have a plan but I still have yet to implement it. I found this photo (below) from REI and hope to follow this training schedule. Fortunately, it is a 12-week schedule and I have way more than that! 

Summers in Texas will definitely become unbearable to be outdoors. We will soon experience those 100+ degree temperatures. Going for hikes is going to be a problem except perhaps during the early morning hours. I will have to force myself to get up very early to beat the heat. 

my regular hiking spot

I worry about the terrain where I live since it’s pretty flat. I’m not sure if it’s challenging enough to prepare me for the the intimidating ascents and descents in the Everest region. Luckily I was able to hike a few times in California, where it’s not only beautiful but offered me different landscapes to train on. 

When it comes to hiking wear, this one I got! Since then, I have bought three different hiking shoes, one I ended up returning. I had the Merrels initially but they were heavy and after two weeks of using it, I can’t manage to break it in. Then I bought the Salomon. I enjoyed these boots in the beginning referring it to the Nike Air of hiking boots. Then I started to feel pain on my left foot and on my left hip as well. My friend who is a marathon runner suggested I change my shoes. At first I didn’t believe it was the culprit but I kept feeling the pain and couldn’t go for walks for a couple of weeks. I went back to REI and asked the salesperson for a suggestion. He showed me the Lowa and after training on these boots for a few weeks the pain disappeared. Oh and by the way, after buying the shoes, I wore it to a 5K  run/walk event the next day without breaking it in (a stupid thing to do but fortunately, I didn’t get blisters or pain in my feet!)

at the 5K walk/run event last month with my friend

I have been a regular at REI, North Face, and Columbia stores. 

trying on different backpacks

I have my trekking gears all ready to be worn in Nepal. All I need is for the universe to cooperate with me. I pray each day life becomes kinder so I can finally fulfill my dream. 

Fingers crossed. Nepal, see you soon?