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Easter Sunrise

I feel more spiritual now than I have ever been but it has nothing to do with religion. My new found spirituality is centered on being more open and accepting of things I have not been accustomed to.


Activism in the wake of a Trump Presidency

On my last post, I wrote about some of my goals for 2017 (reading more books, writing often, daily meditation, etc.) and also personal challenges that would hopefully  include 12 adventures—new places and/or… Continue reading

My goals and personal challenges for the year 2017

In December of 2015, I was so relieved the year was coming to an end and was waiting desperately for the new year. If you’re familiar with my life story, then you know… Continue reading

Travel the world with my Starbucks mugs

I used to collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts mainly because they had the names of the cities they were from on the front of every shirt. It was my way of letting people know… Continue reading

My life in seasons 

   Autumn is my favorite season. I love watching the leaves change from green to orange, red, yellow, and brown. The weather is also  gorgeous during this time of the year. It’s not… Continue reading

Aloha with Love

It’s a blessing that our flight to Hawaii wasn’t cancelled. On the night before our departure, there was a forecast of snow in the Dallas metroplex. The next morning, I looked out at… Continue reading

Why I ❤️ Manila

Most travel guides often suggest to skip Manila when traveling to the Philippines. While there are plenty of beautiful places to see and visit outside Manila, skipping it may deprive you of an… Continue reading

My Favorite Place

I found this short essay/ poem from Travel and Leisure magazine a few years before I had my first child. I tore the page and kept it with me until it was all… Continue reading

Travel from a child’s point of view

When it comes to traveling, children can easily adapt to their new environment and see potential in every landscape for exploration. These pictures show a perfect example of the way kids travel. In… Continue reading


I was feeling so down this morning. My Facebook newsfeed has posts filled with angst over the Ebola crisis, each with a different theory of their own. I can feel so much anger… Continue reading