Boston and Harvard dreams…

My parents have been to many US cities but have never been to Boston. So in November of last year, we decided to go and visit. When Joshua found out about our plan,… Continue reading

My Life as a Gaijin in Tokyo, Part II

Keith traveled often on business trips during our first two years in Tokyo. Having no responsibilities, I was afforded the luxury of tagging along during those business trips to Asia. We went to… Continue reading

How to Vacation in New Orleans with kids

We decided to go to New Orleans during spring break with the kids, despite of its reputation for being a wild place. Everyone had warned us, “NOLA is not for kids!” But we were… Continue reading

Moving to Tokyo, an Introduction of my Life as an Expat Part I

Right after our honeymoon in Italy in November of 1995, hubby and I left  Los Angeles to start our married life in Tokyo. He was offered a job as an expat working for… Continue reading

They were once called “stewardesses”!

I was really upset when the TV show Pan Am was cancelled. It reminded me of my flying days and all those former Pan Am ladies I had the pleasure to work with. They… Continue reading

an introduction

One of the reasons I want to start a blog is because my son has one. I must say I’m jealous of how he can write so well at such a young age. When I mentioned… Continue reading