Road trip: Northern Philippines

Our road trip from Vigan to Tuguegarao (the city where my parents currently reside) took almost 12 hours . There were plenty of interesting places to stop and explore (not to mention the… Continue reading

A Day of R&R in Manila: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

My flight from Dallas to Narita was unbearable–I had a migraine from the moment we took off at DFW to the minute we landed in Narita. I couldn’t wait to arrive in Manila.… Continue reading

I dream of ramen….

I will be leaving for a trip to the Philippines in less than a week and I am quite excited that my layover is going to be in Narita. Since we moved from… Continue reading

Death and Tears: 9/11 Memorial Museum

The night before we were scheduled to visit the 9/11 Museum in New York last summer, we received a devastating news that Bob, my father-in-law, had passed away. Keith took the earliest flight… Continue reading

Travel from a child’s point of view

When it comes to traveling, children can easily adapt to their new environment and see potential in every landscape for exploration. These pictures show a perfect example of the way kids travel. In… Continue reading


I was feeling so down this morning. My Facebook newsfeed has posts filled with angst over the Ebola crisis, each with a different theory of their own. I can feel so much anger… Continue reading

Big Tex and all the Fried Foods at the Texas State Fair

The first time I went to the State Fair was probably 10 years ago. We haven’t been back until today. I must admit, I’ve never been a big fan of the Texas State… Continue reading

My Travel Bucket List

If I had a travel bucket list in my twenties, I’d be proud to say I have already accomplished most of them by now. After graduating from college, I knew I was put… Continue reading

Recipe for the Table-side Guacamole at Boudro’s

We have been to the Riverwalk in San Antonio about half a dozen times or so but at each visit, I am still amazed at how vibrant this place is. I love the… Continue reading