Last year when we toured the United Nations, we were disappointed to hear that the Delegates Dining Room was closed for renovations. When we learned that it has reopened in February, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have lunch there. Lucky for us, we were in New York City on the last week the restaurant was going to remain open. Starting on Saturday, June 28th, they will close it again until September.

The entrance to the restaurant was on 43rd St and 1st Ave. First, you must go through security, then you will be escorted to a desk where they will take your picture. They will also keep your identification card until you are done with the lunch. We proceeded to the 4th floor where the restaurant was.



The dining room had a breathtaking view of the city. The restaurant’s ambience is indeed appropriate for diplomats and dignitaries.

The server came with a basket filled with different breads, including parmesan crisps. The buffet had an international theme—dumplings, mulligatawny soup, lamb roast, swordfish, beef rib eye, chicken, grilled vegetables, basmati rice, etc. The dessert selection was even more impressive —tiramisu, macarons, pecan tarts, and probably a dozen other selections.







The price tag was steep. We paid about $200 including coffee, two cups of tea, and tip. Jude, who’s 9 years old, paid a full price of $35, in spite of eating only rice and beef. It’s definitely not a place for picky eaters. I honestly think it was worth the money we paid for. Where else can you have lunch with diplomats and you are after all at the United Nations! My only regret was I wish I could’ve eaten more.